I need your love.

I lower the price on love,
so I can afford the rent.
Dangling the key in front of your face,
so you're scared that I might leave.
Any second, now.
Any second now.
But it's such an old tale
even I was not aware.
Why I can't leave,
why I can't breath,
why I seek you out,
why I fool myself.
I need your love.
When the sun goes down,
or even it's sunny out,
or high time at the sabbath.
I need your blood.
It better sing my name,
it better stain my lips,
it proves I exist.
Something to run from,
maybe a little braver now.
The eruption of the volcano.
The ending of a 5-G world.
I need your love now.
I need your love.

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