A thin screen separating
same ol’ thing inside outside.
The more I try to find myself,
the more I find nothing but air.

What is this thing called me?
Why should I pay it any attention?
I see you, I see me, someone worth understanding.
I see me, I see you, why should I be bothered?

I forget the line, I forget the time,
won’t you remember it with me?
I’ve strayed, I’m delayed,
won’t you walk with me a bit?

Time can tell, money can buy,
same age-old story.
Never will end, suddenly it’s done,
the surge that rushes to where?

More or less.

Wanna be what I wanna be.
It ain’t right, it ain’t hiring,
it ain’t hyped, it ain’t typed.
I can be more but I ain’t.
I wish I can be more or less different.

I’m a powerhouse, confused energy.
Someone please bottle me so I can break free.
Rather be a fly, not a rat,
though wild things have my respect.

Say the word make that last.
You can have what you looking at.
Say I don’t give a shit while pleading to the man,
“Come save me, please don’t leave me behind.”

It’s interesting you have a brain,
yet you can’t decide,
to go forward or go back,
something safe or outta the mind.

No talk, no show, no business card,
rather be a punk than a rock star.
Life’s too short for money and cars.
Give me a sec, teach me what is love?