Period Talk – October Edition.

sink-or-swim.png You know there are periods that just take care of themselves? They just seem to roll right along into your live with a polite announcement by way of a little bleeding in the neither region, and you go “Oh! welcome stranger, let me take good care of you while you are visiting.” “Oh no no nonono, it’s no bother at all, make yourself at home.” At the end of several days they just bounce away like balls of blood-tainted cute crumbled trash and you are like “Bye bye! Hope you had a good time and see you soon.” Yeh, this is not one of those. I liken these to mega-fatigue-inducing blood suckers. Such events comes with their own preludes: something like a productive and very tiring but uplifting workweek or an exhaustingly fun communal event where you can forget for a moment what a low-energy state even feels like. Then it hits you.

So I like to make bed at night. I feel like we are so fortunate to have safe and oh-so comfortable chamber dedicated to our nighttime activities. I’d layout the soft duvet and already can feel myself laying in the enveloping warmth that’s waiting for me. This is my period talking, the same one that makes me dream of chocolate milkshakes and have such a demonic craving of anything salty and sweet I feel a certain kinship to zombies while grabbing a bag of sea-salt potato chips and enjoying them with such pleasure I think I’m in love.

It’s a basic love, a love that can be mustered while in a state of bodily discharge and mental exhaustion and the senses are left to roam the ruins. The wind feels good on the skin, time does not matter, the feeling lasts forever. I can’t fight this, my body needs what it needs. I have learned that sometimes you are the baron of your body, other times your body tells you to fuck off and smell the grease. I don’t feel guilty any more. My body has served me well all things considered, it can have some chocolate milkshake, a whole bag of chips at a time and half day sleep schedule if it can’t help itself. I’m on board. Enjoy the flow.

P.S. Saw the movie “Venom” during period, looks like Tom Hardy was having a medium intensity one himself. Eat up bro.


It’s OK baby
I like the way you are.
You don’t have to do anything
have a rest in my arms.

The world can be a cold place,
more the treasure, our little spark.
It may not last forever but
just a moment is quite long enough.

It’s alright love
you don’t have to say it.
I’m not here for your confession
nor am I your judge.

Life can be a gamble
& nobody knows the rules.
This view may not be perfect
but come on man, it is all for us.

Shit brings shit.

We’re on a hot plate
but who cares as long as
there are fake news, SNL
someone else making fools of themselves.

It’s easy to point & blame
when I’m not even in the game.
How did we end up like this?
Well because we wanted it.

The newspaper’s spreading thin
catering to everyone’s prejudice.
As long as there’s a cent in a click
your value is in a database.

Human, women, worsen, partisan.
Can’t decide if I like being a victim.
Fuck it we all look the same:
no money, no tie, no service, no voice.

Why can’t you see?
You’re bring out the worst in me.
Wait till we all tired & want to go home
only then to find out we are all alone.

God’s theater.

Haven’t I hit the right notes?
Without much blood spilled?
It can not be your will
if you care at all what it costs.

Who sells the tickets but the one you know:
a doorman who hides his face & hands.
To get in you have to be deaf & blind.
Savor the moment that blow their minds.

Whoever opens the act is a brave one
who sets the mark for the sublime of sublime.
The mysteries are not in the lines,
nor any solutions in your hands.

The sound is bright & the color is white,
angels do their part every night.
There’s a tragedy & there’s a surprise,
enough to make you forget the rest.

Holy! Holy! Anyone cares for a cold one?
It goes down smooth with some chips.
Mary, Mary, won’t you introduce me!
To the rockstar, the philosopher, your only son?

Jesus Christ I’m your biggest fan.
I dig your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
Can’t I join you backstage when the show’s done?
I’m here for the truth surely you understand.

All too quickly the curtains are lowered.
The lights are dimmed & judgement passed.
Why can’t I seem to message my friends?
Remind me again where I am? …

Tears of diamonds.

Another toll, another tag,
another punch card, another check.
Do you cry tears of diamonds
when your heroes die?

Another tweet, another line,
another cross, another like.
Do you cry tears of diamonds
when the news are bad?

Tie it together, out of mind.
Turn on the TV, everyone’s wise.
Do you cry tears of diamonds
when laughter needs a marching band?

Do you still cry at all,
still dare to feel?
When diamonds become symbols
of a purity we no longer know?

At least we’ve got something.
Who’s counting the carats?
Do you cry tear of diamonds
when everything’s bought and sold?

Same memory.

We’ve been young, we’ve been old.
We’ve been friends, we’ve been foes.
Don’t tell me you don’t see,
It’s all but in the same memory.

Why are you so mad, little brother?
What can be such a bother?
Someone’s gotta have you know:
life ain’t what you’ve been told.

Why are you so down, dear sister?
You always know what you gonna do.
Ain’t no-one, nobody can stop you
if you keep on a-pushing & pushing.

What’s that in your eyes?
Can it really be the same sky?
Remember that there was a time?
A promise that brought the light?

The memory I have of you.
The memory you have of me.
They are not in history books,
not something they can ever teach.

Won’t you come to the river,
the place where it all began?
& sing a song from long ago
yet we all know what it meant?

Let’s share the same body,
as we shall have a single grave.
Won’t you care to hold me now,
while we’re still soft & warm?

Before the line breaks & the story ends,
consider this:
we are in the same memory.
We are the same.