I need your love.

I lower the price on love,
so I can afford the rent.
Dangling the key in front of your face,
so you're scared that I might leave.
Any second, now.
Any second now.
But it's such an old tale
even I was not aware.
Why I can't leave,
why I can't breath,
why I seek you out,
why I fool myself.
I need your love.
When the sun goes down,
or even it's sunny out,
or high time at the sabbath.
I need your blood.
It better sing my name,
it better stain my lips,
it proves I exist.
Something to run from,
maybe a little braver now.
The eruption of the volcano.
The ending of a 5-G world.
I need your love now.
I need your love.

Here, now.

I look at you like,
"What do we have here?"
You look like you know me.
But how?
I don't remember.
I must've been stuck
since forever, since nowhere.
That's how I feel.
Now where do we go,
now that I'm here?

They say just keep going,
put one foot in front of the next.
What about those we left behind?
What have I left behind?
Another glittery town,
another image forgotten.
Except we don't forget.
We don't ever forget.
Now I'm here. It's quiet.

I've never lived in the real world.
Never for a second,
not a lifetime.
You got me wrong,
but your spirit is strong,
so I buckled under your demands
but resisted at my own peril.
It's the reason I do things half way,
I can't finish if I'm afraid
of a heart that's long lost.
But it's here now,
what do you know?

No title.

Gigdy, gigdy, time is running out.
Do you want to pick a number
or just letting it spin you around?
I don't know when you came in
but finally you're front of the line.
What? Didn't have time to think?
Oh, well, guy, you're doing it right.
Haha, so many a soul came all glammed up
thinking it's a ball not just a gamble.
I see you're missing shoes & tie & a smoke,
but luck is on your side. (whisper) So am I. (wink)
Now what's gonna be? A speech!
Oooh, let's see, there're two of you
still standing, the rest are asleep.
But get on right ahead,
I'm paid on the hour. (yawn)
(wakes up) Wha?! ... you still here?
Alright, enough is enough. NEXT!
And no buts.

Life drug.

I live life as someone
who just want to get it done.
No pleasure but seeking pain.
What are the other options?
I should've done everything thrice.
Only it's all in my head.
Maybe see it from your eyes next?
Will I be prettier, more apt?
There, I've found the thing
I've been searching for.
I am & I'm not & that's all.
It's good to be drunk.

A chicken kinda love.

The only kind I deserve.
The only softness I accept.
I killed a chick once
by ignorance & neglect.
I cried till daybreak
holding its limp body
thinking it's the end of the world.
I'm a chicken mom now
with minimal responsibility.
Just the kind I like
while they still remember me.
But I know they would peck me to death
if they sense I'm a threat.
That's what I like
about my chicken friends.

Forget you.

I don't want to know your name.
I don't want you to come inside.
I don't want to see you twice
unless there's business to be done.
I don't want to meet your friends,
or know your ideals, your dreams
you better keep with your change.
I don't care when it becomes personal.
Because I hate crying.
It's true.
I remember doing it every night
with every little story.
Now I know it's all a trick.
So I skip the parts that I know
that will see me hurt.
So, believe me when I say,
I hate crying for you.
It's not fair, man.
I have to cry to forget.

(RIP, Golden Girl.)

Personal makeup.

I pull up the panty of shame,
splash water of "Here we go again."
No bra, no robe the weather is nice
for another day of personal makeup.

There's the silver ring of love.
Don't forget the earring of hate.
Oh, an Evil Eye for protection.
Don't mind the navel ring of invitation.

What should I add to the collection?
Maybe an X that marked the spot
of some dude that died for naught
who wore a rad personal makeup?

Need more thing to remind I exist
in a world that's totally different
than what you might have suspected.
Welcome to my personal makeup.