Who cares.

I think I've been wrong,
mistaken being weak with strong.
All the judgements & indignations,
yet taken no actions.
There's the sense of loss,
plus the rage & escapes.
But why am I still here?
Just to stand around?
Maybe I will be happy, by chance,
to help someone, anyone.
It's always been an excuse,
that "I felt deeply, & cared too much."


It's a wild hunt,
I am the prey.
Moments of my life
flash like a dream.
The beauties I see
give me reason to flee.
One more step,
then I can breath.
I hear the shouting
ferocious & near.
For a second I thought,
what do I have to fear?
But my legs won't slow,
my heart hums so smooth.
It's comically natural
when I'm running from you.

I need your love.

I lower the price on love,
so I can afford the rent.
Dangling the key in front of your face,
so you're scared that I might leave.
Any second, now.
Any second now.
But it's such an old tale
even I was not aware.
Why I can't leave,
why I can't breath,
why I seek you out,
why I fool myself.
I need your love.
When the sun goes down,
or even it's sunny out,
or high time at the sabbath.
I need your blood.
It better sing my name,
it better stain my lips,
it proves I exist.
Something to run from,
maybe a little braver now.
The eruption of the volcano.
The ending of a 5-G world.
I need your love now.
I need your love.

Time thief.

I'm a time thief yo,
you wouldn't know me.
Before you see me coming,
I will be going.
Life's no free lunch,
that's what my mama taught me.
So while I have these thighs,
I'm gonna use it.
It's just so fast,
a moment is gone.
I ready my hook,
eyes on the buoy.
I'm gonna steal it
under everyone's eyes.
There's nothing to it,
just bait it with your life.
I'm a time thief
wanting a slice.
And the next, & next.
Desire to desire.
In my hunter's eye,
through thick & thin.
The thrill of the chase.
The chill of the night.
Don't give me nothing
that's already mine.
I'm a time thief yo
and you're my catch.

Road so far.

Mother taught me life's a tight rope,
so I walked it like a pro
to be a slave & keep the dough,
had some laughs, all for show.

Never really learned what love is,
read the books & saw the movies too,
alas it's not a muscle I ever use,
if I did, it must've snapped in two.

Born & raised by fear & resentment,
now it's time to bake the pie.
Told myself to stand down & pull back,
no wonder there's no such person as I.

It's different what's outside & inside,
maybe some day it will be aligned.
Life is not something to keep in hand,
spend it wisely & open it wide.


I ain't pulling punches, yo,
cause it's my goddamned rocket ship.
Don't mean to offend y'all,
ladies & genital sticks.
Never been to any club
that doesn't have piss stains.
So if you're talking to me
you know it ain't about civilities.
Tired of your sacred lies &
million-dollar fairy tales.
It's never what's been told,
but what's been left out.
Get a shovel, protect your 6,
and punch your own way out.
You never know, find the groove,
life might be worthwhile.