I feel something rotten,
yet it's registered as a fragrance.
Flying colors & dull lives,
which is the stream I seek?
May it move me.
May I listen.
Inside the garden &
outside the cave.
Hold on to the thing
that only life can bring.
Be aware, be aware
of the moments between
and then flee.


The hateful voice of my mom.
The self-loathing of my dad.
A narcissist of a grandpa.
The insanity of grandma.
Where is the love?
My love was not enough.
A child of family dysfunctions.
I left to find myself again.
You're you & me, I,
full of wonders & now understand.
I will love myself again.

Love again.

There's a beast yanking at its chains.
I didn't understand what it's saying.
"Love again. You must love again."
This morning, I suddenly understand.
The dead air in my head &
the desperation in my so-called life,
"Live again, you must begin again.
Without love, you were deprived."