I want to lick a squirrel’s butt.

I want to lick the squirrel's butt.
Follow the flickering tail to the acorn stash.
It's perky like a kids' lunchbox,
stealing food like it's the best kept secret.
Rousing turf war, no friends nor enemies.
Ok, you can linger since you're this year's kid.
Next time you better be ready for a chase.
Oh, they're gone, I wonder how a squirrel tastes?

If by your own consciousness you were deceived.

If by your own consciousness you were deceived,
don't be shocked, don't be in denial!
In the days of grief, be wild:
depression comes & goes (who am I kidding?).
The brain is made to entertain:
the past is always rosier
than the premium channels;
but those who pay, will be dearer.

Personal makeup.

I pull up the panty of shame,
splash water of "Here we go again."
No bra, no robe the weather is nice
for another day of personal makeup.

There's the silver ring of love.
Don't forget the earring of hate.
Oh, an Evil Eye for protection.
Don't mind the navel ring of invitation.

What should I add to the collection?
Maybe an X that marked the spot
of some dude that died for naught
who wore a rad personal makeup?

Need more thing to remind I exist
in a world that's totally different
than what you might have suspected.
Welcome to my personal makeup.

Is sexual intercourse an honest Expression?

We make that face, we twitch our legs,
but is sex an honest expression?
Some say it’s the nature’s way,
Someone had to teach the kids the lesson,
but is sexual intercourse an honest expression?
They pick the brightest, or the shyest.
They say, “Hush, hush, don’t fear my penis.”
At the end of the day, they turn away & say,
So, is sex really an honest expression?
I have to say, I’m somewhat jealous.
“What do you mean”, you ask,
“Jealous of the raped?”
Well, yeh, look at where they are now,
also rich & famous, live in the palaces.
Maybe that’s how society function?
No? It’s not the way to treat kids?
Why don’t we ask the honest gents?

So what.

The brain of a melon, ass of a truck,
so what so what there's no magic carpet ride.
So what so what so what.
I forgot the words while brushing my teeth
so what so what so what.
It's all a dream, no fairness, just sirens,
so what so what so what.
When the light is dimming, the beer is spilling,
mama's crying, baby's begging,
so what so what so what.
Scan the room for things to take
throw away in the next garbage bin.
So what so what so what.
Can't get outta bed till coffee's in mind
so what so what so what.
The words & rhythms all in my head
they rebel cause I lazy get them wrong
so what so what so what.
There's a virgin land with virgin lads
to fuck & to have, God must've said:
so what so what so what. 


Woke up this morning with no pain.
A stranger stares back in reflection.
Something in my head says,
"You can have it."

I think I know what that means.
Feeling grounded for once,
Looking at my body, "hmm, not bad."
Maybe, there's life after death.
Maybe I will take my time,
or just switch black with white.
A seed with the magic trick,
with time, and you can have it.