I’m unsteady.
After autumn comes spring.
I’m unsteady.
Mocked for being a graceless wretch.
I’m unsteady.
Not your friendly, agreeable type.
I might bump into you
without an apology
cause I really don’t notice it.

I’m unsteady.
Resigning to fate.
I’m tumbling.
You laugh at me.
I play footloose with gravity.
My hands quick & the branch’s sturdy.
Unconsciously I save myself.
You’re amazed at my agility.
I think it’s a pity
I’m not head over heel.

I’m unsteady.
No script, all actors.
Too cool to be real.
Just a healthy dose of no fucks given.
I may hail you as a villain,
so we are even, so we can be
unsteady, interestingly,
defiantly, definably.
To pave the ground
for those to walk on
who can be unsteady.


It’s OK baby
I like the way you are.
You don’t have to do anything
have a rest in my arms.

The world can be a cold place,
more the treasure, our little spark.
It may not last forever but
just a moment is quite long enough.

It’s alright love
you don’t have to say it.
I’m not here for your confession
nor am I your judge.

Life can be a gamble
& nobody knows the rules.
This view may not be perfect
but come on man, it is all for us.

Tears of diamonds.

Another toll, another tag,
another punch card, another check.
Do you cry tears of diamonds
when your heroes die?

Another tweet, another line,
another cross, another like.
Do you cry tears of diamonds
when the news are bad?

Tie it together, out of mind.
Turn on the TV, everyone’s wise.
Do you cry tears of diamonds
when laughter needs a marching band?

Do you still cry at all,
still dare to feel?
When diamonds become symbols
of a purity we no longer know?

At least we’ve got something.
Who’s counting the carats?
Do you cry tear of diamonds
when everything’s bought and sold?

Same memory.

We’ve been young, we’ve been old.
We’ve been friends, we’ve been foes.
Don’t tell me you don’t see,
It’s all but in the same memory.

Why are you so mad, little brother?
What can be such a bother?
Someone’s gotta have you know:
life ain’t what you’ve been told.

Why are you so down, dear sister?
You always know what you gonna do.
Ain’t no-one, nobody can stop you
if you keep on a-pushing & pushing.

What’s that in your eyes?
Can it really be the same sky?
Remember that there was a time?
A promise that brought the light?

The memory I have of you.
The memory you have of me.
They are not in history books,
not something they can ever teach.

Won’t you come to the river,
the place where it all began?
& sing a song from long ago
yet we all know what it meant?

Let’s share the same body,
as we shall have a single grave.
Won’t you care to hold me now,
while we’re still soft & warm?

Before the line breaks & the story ends,
consider this:
we are in the same memory.
We are the same.