Let’s break up.

Let’s break up over a Klondike bar,
we somehow made it this far,
any more of this would be bitter than sweet,
screaming a stop having some chocolate & cream.

Let’s break up sipping a coca~cola,
brown sugar high with a brain-freeze chaser,
going separate ways with a careless swagger,
don’t look back just say sayonara.

Let’s break up while playing a video game,
scheme, sound track, violence, action!
I hoped to kill you but the game never ends,
you’re staying alive so where’s my satisfaction.

Let’s break up while loving each other,
has had, having had all good conversations.
Will you keep me pristine or throw me into trash-bin?
Either way let’s break up and see what happens.

I killed a cockroach.

I killed a cockroach today
while it’s trying to escape.

At the bottom of a drinking glass
where it should have stayed put.

It kept trying to craw out,
so I forgot it’s inside out.

I crushed its skull & other places
because I don’t want it in the house.

It’s a brave little bug,
though it ended up squashed.

I’m sorry we were not friends,
come back, be my enemy instead.

Inside out.

Her world’s different than the world she saw.
In her head dirt can talk & trees are lords.

You will think her mad if she speaks out loud.
You may fancy her a fairy but you know her not.

One day she lost her innocence to dream,
trapped in the prison of the strangest gleams.

She doesn’t know why and what she has to lose,
slowly she retreats to a place that’s..

Suspended in nowhere a glass bubble hangs,
inside its safety a scared creature hides
who can no longer grow old or wise.

Finally she realizes what she has to lose
& starts to take down what’s no longer of use.

One by one she let strangers in to share a little dream,
re-creating a world only this time the outside is in.

You are precious to me.

Do you know…
your freshly dried hair
make the sound of
thousands of tiny silver bells
when they are tousled?
You are precious to me.

Do you see…
when you take a bath
under candle-light,
there spread diamonds
on your golden skin?
You are precious to me.

Do you hear…
your thoughts
as they
hit the right timbre
echoing in my dusty & grim chamber?
You are precious to me.

Do you taste…
the fertile sea,
whiffs of
salts & organic matter
amalgamating a single entity?
You are precious to me.

Do you feel…
the unspoken innuendo
getting cold
while new colors
rushing forward in glee?
You are precious to me.

Do you pray…
less because you are
afraid or helpless
but for those if without
you would never see as clearly?
You are precious to me.

Do you sing…
that wordless, formless song
got passed down down
and still it’s the way it is
& you understand?
You are precious to me.

Do you fly…
to a place that
You are precious to me.

Do you write…
like a slaver
building cages for meanings
with words that
can never quite cut it?
You are precious to me.

Do you gaze…
into the deep, find comfort there,
lose yourself, bring it back,
(back & forth) x 2
ever since you became afraid of that one thing?
You are precious to me.

I like the hair.
I like the diamonds & gold.
I like the sound, the salt, the song, the thoughts.
I am precious to me.

In my head.

He’s watching you like a film,
he told me so.
I asked if he’s angry with you,
his reaction was violent
I took it as a no.

I asked if he loves you.
A single water-drop was all I got.
He handed me a short strip of film,
can’t focus on the background
but there’s some kinda animal.

He lingered around a bit after that.
Time to leave me alone.

A wild dog & a lost kitten.

A wild dog sniffs out a kitten
whose mom has just died.
After snacking on its dead siblings,
it eyes the last of this family line.

Little thing has long lost
even the will to look up,
as the wild dog laps at it
for the taste of its mother’s milk.

The dog could have ended it
with a swift closing of its jaw.
But at the last moment
something tells it to stop.

Instead it lets the kitten
tag along and teaches it to hunt.
Sharing its meals even when
the catching is rare and small.

Day by day the kitten grows
falls into step with the wild dog.
Quite the pair in their time,
sneaky & intimidating like no other.

Miles over miles send out shivers
with their howls and roars.
Years after years sticking together,
never losing the scent of its partner.

Time comes to pass & the wild dog
pasts its prime.
No longer can he keep up
with its feline friend.

Though the kitten now has
become the lion.
It always shares
the best parts of its catch.

One day the lion finds the wild one
breathing its last breath.
It laps at its nose and mouth
until the struggle ends.

The wild lion would one day
return to this spot to die.
Remembering the wild dog
who once gave a lost kitten a life.

Work weekends.

I don’t think anyone’s chasing you my friend,
why don’t you take a rest.

There’s no money to be earned nor
value to be added.

Chances are you’re doing something important,
lift your eyes & clear your head.

Nothing at all trivial or wasteful about
spending time to reflect.

I know there’re chores to fill & websites to build,
but do you still remember to what end?

You can’t serve others by losing yourself
it’s a laboring circle just know it’s all in your hand.