Love. Lust.

When I hold you like this
I become a heart.
Brimming with joy, pulsing
with the beats of your harp.

Slices of heaven,
one piece at a time.
Can’t fantom iciness
has ever entered our minds.

You’re ever so gentle or
do you still hesitate?
We both know the perils
of desperate souls seeking mate.

You say it’s a special drug,
a chemical relay.
You’ve done it before
& I’ve seen the scars.

You are so beautiful though,
broken, not just sum of parts.
A Picasso, jagged,
breath-taking piece of art.

Which is why without you
life can feel so hollow.
I will keep wetting your lips,
so you can bear that cross.

They are laughing all the while
thinking we are lost cause.
For we are the practitioners of magic,
the alchemy of love & lust.


As I lie down to die
one final time.
Don’t wanna say goodbye,
you’ve already left.

All these years
filled with tears.
Even the thunder
couldn’t shake my fears.

After all that’s
said & done,
nothing much
left to hide.

Had I known that
the path is through you,
I’d kept my heart &
you would not have died.

The last drops of
blood have dried.
Surprised how much
I had bled.

You & I are
two sides of one coin:
eternal light touching
eternal night.

A tale told of
a life mis-led.
Still angel wings
flapping overhead.

Can’t pray any more
with my last breath.
Been waiting too long
for me to confess.

This life went
just as planned.
You are the enemy,
& I lost, you won.

Through the window.

The woods deep & dark,
like how it’s always in my heart.

Can’t see the shadow for its parts,
they are there from the start.

They say don’t take the forest for the tree,
when it whispers it sings.

Let the light through nobody moves,
see yourself something anew.

Nursery Rhyme.

Hello, my child,
here’s something for your pouch.
A blessing from your elders,
a drop of tear from me as well.

It’s not what you believe I know,
don’t shake your head nor pout.
They’re there when you need them,
to remember us by when you fail.

Good night, little mouse,
here’s something for your satchel.
A piece of heart from the hunt &
a bone knife of your father’s will.

I know it’s not common any more
don’t feel embarrassed nor stutter.
There will be time for their use,
remember to keep them safe after.

Goodbye, my love,
take these letters to these men.
There are ladders you will need to climb,
use these jewels while you still can.

I know it’s not the way you’ve led,
don’t be put down nor think me wrong.
A life is not what one planned,
write me when you recount this song.

Saturday morning-noonish.

Indigo pot with Francis,
matcha tea with milk in a jar.
Chickens roaming
don’t know where.
Yes heart, be free
to rise above.

Saturday morning-noonish
breakfast egg
with raisin bread.
Fake fire crackling
in the stereo.
Easy-chair guards the books.

Open the window
just a crack,
summer winds
bring in life.
Nothing to do
but to rest.

Let’s all
take a breath.

And hold…


I’m in love with your nipple,
I’m in love with your socks.
I love you as a whole,
and all the little parts.

When you are packing to leave,
I ask where are we headed?
When you do come back,
I say just this one more time.

I’m yours for life.
I’m yours for life.
And you are mine,
why won’t you accept?

I’m a fool for you,
but you are also a fool.
I offer you my world,
how lovely when you say:

“baby, so do I”.

What if.

I see that look in your eyes,
like you are tired of your station in life.
Waiting for the sign with closed eyes,
click after click wasted time.

You think maybe you have something extra,
you fear that there’s something you lack.
Always the one being knocked down,
never can be sure what’s right what’s wrong.

One day you look up it starts to make sense,
walking too long in someone else’s footsteps.
The same map everyone’s buying and selling,
they ain’t heartless they are just as clueless.

See yourself as the one in your own mind,
say no to the wrong things the right ones will align.
It’s not going to be easy the first step or mile,
but what if you are right and what a story to tell.