On the Watch Tower.

Those on the Watch Tower,
what do you see?
Will there be merry weather
or dark clouds gathering.
Do you see the fire
from the vengeful past?
Will you sound the alarm?
Or gather up & flee?
Oh, those on the Watch Tower,
what fate brought you there?
Have you someone you're minding?
Or are you alone always?
When the sky turns black,
do you kneel down & pray?
Have the stars shown you the way?
Do you enjoy watching the slaves?
The Watch Tower, thick & tall,
built on unknown graves.
Those on the Watch Tower,
do you shiver? So close to the Heavens,
hearing destiny's whispers?

Order & safety.

Order & safety.
That's what my library gives me.
They record my name for a fee
and they have what I need.
Order & safety.
All the librarians have PhDs,
so they know what "Shhhh" means,
and they serve you with humanity.
I wish I can live there
among the books & DVDs.
Just archive me alphabetically,
I know I will be in good company.
Order and safety.
My books are past due.
It's OK I will visit soon
whenever I need a hit.
Order & safety.
Order & safety!

Time thief.

I'm a time thief yo,
you wouldn't know me.
Before you see me coming,
I will be going.
Life's no free lunch,
that's what my mama taught me.
So while I have these thighs,
I'm gonna use it.
It's just so fast,
a moment is gone.
I ready my hook,
eyes on the buoy.
I'm gonna steal it
under everyone's eyes.
There's nothing to it,
just bait it with your life.
I'm a time thief
wanting a slice.
And the next, & next.
Desire to desire.
In my hunter's eye,
through thick & thin.
The thrill of the chase.
The chill of the night.
Don't give me nothing
that's already mine.
I'm a time thief yo
and you're my catch.


I don't see your devilish grin
nor your true intention.
One day you will say
what I want to hear,
and that's "I love you, my dear."
Till then I'm gonna plot & spy,
weaving my spider's net.
You say you're getting tired?
Well, just lay down on my awaiting bed,
with champagne & spice.
What a romantic am I?

Came from darkness.

You know I'm from the dark side
no matter how hard I try.
Time & time it shows,
round & round you know.
There's no blaming,
it's worth noting.
Everything's in me
to no one's surprise.
Lucky to be alive,
after all that delay.
It's just hard to decide,
what am i.
Doesn't matter just be.
The voices become quiet.
Can't be too far from death.
Yet there's a light.
I get back in line,
starting to hear the rhythm,
smelling that sweet bread.
Darkness I expand,
like an old friend.
Don't be afraid
what might've been placed
like an antique box,
safely waiting,
for an aged hand
to gently retrieve.
What's still.
Darkness awaits.

Confession of a vacant mind.

My parents love each other.
It makes things worse.
Growing up watching them,
co-dependent, non-functioning.
I was knocked outta myself.
Thinking I could see things
clearer, without emotions.
"I'm afraid of losing my mind
like my grandma did."
So I left my seat
observing calmly
without knowing
who I am.
Always needing someone
in case I disappear,
in case I get lost
in the formidable maze
that's my vacant mind.

Happiness is a sucker’s game.

Happiness is a sham.
Biologically it helps no one.
Where's the urgency?
Who's the casualty?
I want to ask,
"What's the price
of happiness?"
Sure you can laugh
then you die.
I'd stay quiet
and step aside.
Not a coward
but a wise.
Who says happiness
smells of wine?
It's a sham! Shame! Sham!
Oh, oh, you can tell
I'm having a good time?
Why, it's not a party
but feel free to join.
We are selling happiness.
What a sham!

To My Aborted Sis.

I ain't the victim
though I moan about my mother.
I could had a brother or sis
when my father asked me if
I wanted a younger brother.
I was about eight & selfish.
Told them it's gonna be another
girl, just like me.
Pitched them on the penalties of
Chinese one child policy though
from my desperate plea
you can sense it's a case of jealousy.
Like a baby shark, I acted on my instincts.
In a child's mind, there lied the logic:
all resources are limited:
food, attention, most of all, money.
Boys are gold, I'm jaded.
I had the upper hand.
Now I'm limited.
Human, Inc. Limited.
If I had a brother,
I'd cry on his shoulder.
If I had a sister,
I'd learn to fix her hair.
I'm limited.
I wanted to live.