Dig it out! Dig it out!
Do you know the source?
I want to ruin it,
I want to gnaw on its bones.

For making me yearning
whatever it’s selling.
Almost on it, misdirected.
Hunger for more, more, more.

Cut it out, cut it out!
Tripping me up my rhythm,
messing me up my flow.
I hate you more than myself.

Thank you for being the target
of life’s dissatisfactions.
Sleepy restlessness, can’t stop
faking it like I’m feeling it.

Do you have it though?
Have you seen it around?
Can you carry a secret?
Afraid it might bounce?

Every minute, every time,
take a breath, make a sigh.
Have nothing but my mind.
Didn’t notice? Are you blind?

I’m worth it, I’m worth it.
I’m lonely, still worth it.
Cool the gills, learn to chill.
Here comes the source for my bills.


It’s not necessary to despair,
there’s infinite possibilities.
No one can try them all,
up to you to make that journey.

When they present you with a choice
know what they don’t have:
your unique perspectives.
So follow your path with all your worth.

Life’s a state of mind.
The enlightened calls for emptiness,
yet still afraid when death comes.
Why is that? Being dust is peaceful enough.

It’s not wrong to cling & indulge.
It’s not right to love with abundance.
It’s nice to know your place
just to have a look at the infinite.

Come back.

It’s OK, baby, it’s gonna be alright.
I know it’s hurting again,
it’s that kind of night.
Let it out but allow me to hold you tight.
Go crazy, jump off the cliff,
I’ve got parachute on my back.

We’ll be landing safe,
then crack a joke or two.
It’s up to you
if you feel like going deep.

I’ve seen your face &
that’s what I’m holding onto.
As long as I’m by your side
your wrongs are my right,
I’ve got everything
I ever wanted in life.

So baby, come back.

You’re so vivid.

Can’t help being
drawn in,
afraid to let go.

You’re so vivid.

Not made
for your own good.
Don’t mind but
thousands are fated
to follow.

Nothing you can do about it.

So cool it burns.
Life plays its part.
Center of every drama,
shine so brightly
it’s gotta hurt.

Vivid is the truth.

Can’t go anywhere without
the power on alert,
holding tight for
turbulence ahead.
Love is to blame.

Can’t look away.

Just fucking live.

Here I am laying on my sick bed
staring at an ugly neon sign that says “JOY”
listening to the moaning & sweet agonies,
why don’t you just fucking live already!

You know what I’m gonna do when I’m outta bed?
I’m gonna write some poems, do my own things,
fuck some shit up, who cares it’s all for nothing.
Why won’t you just fucking make the cut!

I understand being misunderstood, being owned,
being overlooked, being alone but please GOD
don’t let it be self-pity your default mode.
Why can’t you just cry power and let it be yours!

You’re driving people insane with the circling & circling.
Leaving folks behind is painful & necessary.
The only question you need to ask really is this:
Who & what the fuck is next & no “thank you, please”!


We can fuck, we can laugh, we can roll in the mud,
still it doesn’t feel like home.
Often I find myself masterbathing alone.
Sometimes, cry a little afterwards, reasons unknown.

We are still strangers, learning a common language,
misunderstanding the norm, compromise the rule.
It’s nice to stop trying & admit the truth:
as much as love binds, we all sing different tunes.

There’s beauty in alienation & thorny circumstances.
Makes you see more, feel more, touch more, doesn’t it?
Living without fighting is not how it’s supposed to go.
Break a little, cry a little, for the stranger inside your soul.