I know it’s your little bell,
as ever it rings so loud.
While I couldn’t give a shit,
I’m introverting just now.

Can’t just talk with little mouth,
Qs & Is, pollens, every last detail.
Why don’t you just give me a break,
stop making noise for God’s sake.

(Not you, obviously*)

Bitch face.

“Hey, bitch face.”
“What?! Who?! Me?”
“Yeah! Why don’t you look more friendly?”
“Wha! What’d I do? Minding my own business,
looking down at my own shoes.
Not my fault my face
is what in front of you.”

Runner-up of contemplator of life I am
& it’s not boding too well for you.
If you see me lips tight, eyes humorless,
forgive me for my offensive attitude.

We can chat about your cat or dog
& of course your kids too.
Though I really have nothing new to add,
you see, I’m kinda aloof.

All the interactions I can imitate live
without being too honest or true.
If it can help spreading your rumors,
isn’t that what people do?

Wow, didn’t see it coming,
was that really what I said?!
Can we start over please?
I’m calling a reboot.

Ah, here we are, some fresh air.
What do you mean forget it?
You’re walking away with a bad taste,
having a case of bitch face too?

Lover of another dimension.

I do see your color pretty, a translucent blend,
jelly-toned nail polish of a creeping, resting kind.
In out focus, permission to engage, calvary sneaky & bold.
The feeling of discovering something I should not have told.

The sound wave comes through a medium, an intentional distortion.
Not certain if the ears were made for such personal vibrations.
Amused smile, more heard but saw “it’s all part of the plan”.
Something though shouts “Danger! Back off!” not that I can help.

Boundaries melt when we come together, we are finally expanding.
The way that you see, that I see, sand in sands on sands indefinitely.
You move forward, I take flight, locked in a circular exhilarating fright.
One glance, no more than two, never & ever & as ever, yours yours & mine.

We dance the vertical inclines and horizontal foolish maze.
Here & there some clear water, sad when it turns into murky wine.
Hallelujah, trouble-maker, zig-zag, skipping saints & swines.
Here for the show, you may know, digging dirts searching for a what.

You let me know then & now I tell you to hold on but not too tight.
Sometimes you have to be content with the little things that are very slight.
Staring too long, the light will shift, you may know too well what you see.
It’s time to let it all go while there’s still something else for me.


It’s OK baby
I like the way you are.
You don’t have to do anything
have a rest in my arms.

The world can be a cold place,
more the treasure, our little spark.
It may not last forever but
just a moment is quite long enough.

It’s alright love
you don’t have to say it.
I’m not here for your confession
nor am I your judge.

Life can be a gamble
& nobody knows the rules.
This view may not be perfect
but come on man, it is all for us.

Shit brings shit.

We’re on a hot plate
but who cares as long as
there are fake news, SNL
someone else making fools of themselves.

It’s easy to point & blame
when I’m not even in the game.
How did we end up like this?
Well because we wanted it.

The newspaper’s spreading thin
catering to everyone’s prejudice.
As long as there’s a cent in a click
your value is in a database.

Human, women, worsen, partisan.
Can’t decide if I like being a victim.
Fuck it we all look the same:
no money, no tie, no service, no voice.

Why can’t you see?
You’re bring out the worst in me.
Wait till we all tired & want to go home
only then to find out we are all alone.

God’s theater.

Haven’t I hit the right notes?
Without much blood spilled?
It can not be your will
if you care at all what it costs.

Who sells the tickets but the one you know:
a doorman who hides his face & hands.
To get in you have to be deaf & blind.
Savor the moment that blow their minds.

Whoever opens the act is a brave one
who sets the mark for the sublime of sublime.
The mysteries are not in the lines,
nor any solutions in your hands.

The sound is bright & the color is white,
angels do their part every night.
There’s a tragedy & there’s a surprise,
enough to make you forget the rest.

Holy! Holy! Anyone cares for a cold one?
It goes down smooth with some chips.
Mary, Mary, won’t you introduce me!
To the rockstar, the philosopher, your only son?

Jesus Christ I’m your biggest fan.
I dig your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
Can’t I join you backstage when the show’s done?
I’m here for the truth surely you understand.

All too quickly the curtains are lowered.
The lights are dimmed & judgement passed.
Why can’t I seem to message my friends?
Remind me again where I am? …

Tears of diamonds.

Another toll, another tag,
another punch card, another check.
Do you cry tears of diamonds
when your heroes die?

Another tweet, another line,
another cross, another like.
Do you cry tears of diamonds
when the news are bad?

Tie it together, out of mind.
Turn on the TV, everyone’s wise.
Do you cry tears of diamonds
when laughter needs a marching band?

Do you still cry at all,
still dare to feel?
When diamonds become symbols
of a purity we no longer know?

At least we’ve got something.
Who’s counting the carats?
Do you cry tear of diamonds
when everything’s bought and sold?