Nothing worse than being dominated,
falling victim of some power struggle.
It tells you that you are just that
and that's final. From then on,
no dreams are pure and simple.
It's broken will souring in a bottle
used as a molotov cocktail 
by any passing asshole.
Break out, break out, you fool!
Be an animal, not mineral or vegetable.


Have you taken a pill
that's hard to swallow.
It's bitter & hard,
and takes time to dissolve?
No sugar can chase it down.
No water can speed its way.
Then it lodges in your gut
and there, it is to stay.
Maybe I didn't choose
what comes my way;
didn't have a clue
until it gives away.
It's not in a hurry.
It knows more than I.
Time-released wisdom,
must you be such a drag?

After the Fourth.

I'm in love with my bed.
All the comfort I can bear,
from the soft duvet to the firm pillow,
especially after a hot bath.

I'm in love with hot bath.
My body aches for the steamy caress,
listen to the facet go, "Drip. Drip.",
especially after dinner with mom & dad.

I'm stressed dinning with them.
Serving the usual nerves & smiles,
too afraid to meet themselves,
especially since they got a house.

I love my parents' house.
It's spacious with big back yard,
so quiet with everyone inside,
all waiting for the fireworks.


Jealousy's making me behaving cordially:
as a way to appreciate your youthful idiocy;
a mirror to reflect on my own supremacy-
how far I've come & what lays beneath.
Yes, it's ego.
Can you separate heart from its beats?
Of course it can be silenced but that
would mean I've made a mistake.
It takes all my strength to hold in
this silent scream.
Yet, you are the one that I pity.