I need your love.

I lower the price on love,
so I can afford the rent.
Dangling the key in front of your face,
so you're scared that I might leave.
Any second, now.
Any second now.
But it's such an old tale
even I was not aware.
Why I can't leave,
why I can't breath,
why I seek you out,
why I fool myself.
I need your love.
When the sun goes down,
or even it's sunny out,
or high time at the sabbath.
I need your blood.
It better sing my name,
it better stain my lips,
it proves I exist.
Something to run from,
maybe a little braver now.
The eruption of the volcano.
The ending of a 5-G world.
I need your love now.
I need your love.

Time thief.

I'm a time thief yo,
you wouldn't know me.
Before you see me coming,
I will be going.
Life's no free lunch,
that's what my mama taught me.
So while I have these thighs,
I'm gonna use it.
It's just so fast,
a moment is gone.
I ready my hook,
eyes on the buoy.
I'm gonna steal it
under everyone's eyes.
There's nothing to it,
just bait it with your life.
I'm a time thief
wanting a slice.
And the next, & next.
Desire to desire.
In my hunter's eye,
through thick & thin.
The thrill of the chase.
The chill of the night.
Don't give me nothing
that's already mine.
I'm a time thief yo
and you're my catch.

Road so far.

Mother taught me life's a tight rope,
so I walked it like a pro
to be a slave & keep the dough,
had some laughs, all for show.

Never really learned what love is,
read the books & saw the movies too,
alas it's not a muscle I ever use,
if I did, it must've snapped in two.

Born & raised by fear & resentment,
now it's time to bake the pie.
Told myself to stand down & pull back,
no wonder there's no such person as I.

It's different what's outside & inside,
maybe some day it will be aligned.
Life is not something to keep in hand,
spend it wisely & open it wide.


I ain't pulling punches, yo,
cause it's my goddamned rocket ship.
Don't mean to offend y'all,
ladies & genital sticks.
Never been to any club
that doesn't have piss stains.
So if you're talking to me
you know it ain't about civilities.
Tired of your sacred lies &
million-dollar fairy tales.
It's never what's been told,
but what's been left out.
Get a shovel, protect your 6,
and punch your own way out.
You never know, find the groove,
life might be worthwhile.

New Year, the Same.

I think & think that's all I ever do.
Now I have to consider the likelihood
that I'm sane, y'all are crazy.
What's wrong with dreams?
I'm sick of leaving a door open
to let doubt in and your lives
that are not even authentic.
It's the same chorus, the same faces,
I don't know what you want from me.
Maybe nothing, I'm just self-important.
I'm tired, I'm worthless,
but I'm on the solid ground,
a piece of land that I found.
Maybe I shouldn't turn away so quick.
You are there for back up, I appreciate it.
But I have to say no to something.
Delay after delay, thinking after thinking.
So wrapped up, nothing wrong with criticism
keeping you on the balance. Think, you. Think!

To Those Who Should be Happy.

Oh, can't you see the sun
when a hard decision's made
and a gut-wrenching deed is done?
Would you celebrate it or let
the doubts eat you away?
There's never a single line,
but a feeling you're on the
right track & something's different
this time. More to lose &
not caring what is to gain.
One train leaves without
you & it's still a happy day.

Don’t Run Away.

It's hard, no? When you had enough &
ready to call it quits.
Where you're down on your knees to
pray, throwing pride away.
Don't you know it's good for you, get
lost in a brand new space.
Don't run away, now, ageless voices
are cheering you on.
Make yourself the guide & them your
witness, through winter comes spring.
When you're at your lowest, know that you
are never alone, feel the warmth.
It's your chance at living, like those that
came before, make them proud.
Don't run away, now, it's your gravest
self saying, "Don't run away."