Time thief.

I'm a time thief yo,
you wouldn't know me.
Before you see me coming,
I will be going.
Life's no free lunch,
that's what my mama taught me.
So while I have these thighs,
I'm gonna use it.
It's just so fast,
a moment is gone.
I ready my hook,
eyes on the buoy.
I'm gonna steal it
under everyone's eyes.
There's nothing to it,
just bait it with your life.
I'm a time thief
wanting a slice.
And the next, & next.
Desire to desire.
In my hunter's eye,
through thick & thin.
The thrill of the chase.
The chill of the night.
Don't give me nothing
that's already mine.
I'm a time thief yo
and you're my catch.

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