To Those Who Should be Happy.

Oh, can't you see the sun
when a hard decision's made
and a gut-wrenching deed is done?
Would you celebrate it or let
the doubts eat you away?
There's never a single line,
but a feeling you're on the
right track & something's different
this time. More to lose &
not caring what is to gain.
One train leaves without
you & it's still a happy day.

Don’t Run Away.

It's hard, no? When you had enough &
ready to call it quits.
Where you're down on your knees to
pray, throwing pride away.
Don't you know it's good for you, get
lost in a brand new space.
Don't run away, now, ageless voices
are cheering you on.
Make yourself the guide & them your
witness, through winter comes spring.
When you're at your lowest, know that you
are never alone, feel the warmth.
It's your chance at living, like those that
came before, make them proud.
Don't run away, now, it's your gravest
self saying, "Don't run away."

Love Poem to My Bed #2.

Oh, God, my bed, I'm
so in love with you.
Please don't leave me.
I will keep you warm.
I will do "any thing".
I will rub against you until
it's time for a wash.
We can have a three-some
with the pillow,
no body will ever know.
I will crumble you up
like a feathery hill,
then wear you down like
a melting marshmallow.
Please don't go,
I know it's noon.
I put a sleepy
spell on you.