Here, now.

I look at you like,
"What do we have here?"
You look like you know me.
But how?
I don't remember.
I must've been stuck
since forever, since nowhere.
That's how I feel.
Now where do we go,
now that I'm here?

They say just keep going,
put one foot in front of the next.
What about those we left behind?
What have I left behind?
Another glittery town,
another image forgotten.
Except we don't forget.
We don't ever forget.
Now I'm here. It's quiet.

I've never lived in the real world.
Never for a second,
not a lifetime.
You got me wrong,
but your spirit is strong,
so I buckled under your demands
but resisted at my own peril.
It's the reason I do things half way,
I can't finish if I'm afraid
of a heart that's long lost.
But it's here now,
what do you know?

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