What I want.

I want them to see what I see
all that was meant to be
if I can just make myself believe
there’s no such thing as gravity

I want them to hear what I hear
melodies & symphonies just for my ear
if I can just make the voices quiet
that cry out from hunger & fear

I want them to know what I know
then we can do away with war
we can all just chat & share
while the fires are still warm

I want them to dream what I dream
with colors & leaves & waterfalls
secret gardens are open to all
no more suspicions who sells out

I want them to travel where I travel
on the ground in time & cosmos
not a word when we come back
building a world of spiritual delight

I want them to feel what I feel
ladled with self-pity & -hatred
not deserving of love & the lucky breaks
I don’t want to be diminished any more.

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