Lover of another dimension.

I do see your color pretty, a translucent blend,
jelly-toned nail polish of a creeping, resting kind.
In out focus, permission to engage, calvary sneaky & bold.
The feeling of discovering something I should not have told.

The sound wave comes through a medium, an intentional distortion.
Not certain if the ears were made for such personal vibrations.
Amused smile, more heard but saw “it’s all part of the plan”.
Something though shouts “Danger! Back off!” not that I can help.

Boundaries melt when we come together, we are finally expanding.
The way that you see, that I see, sand in sands on sands indefinitely.
You move forward, I take flight, locked in a circular exhilarating fright.
One glance, no more than two, never & ever & as ever, yours yours & mine.

We dance the vertical inclines and horizontal foolish maze.
Here & there some clear water, sad when it turns into murky wine.
Hallelujah, trouble-maker, zig-zag, skipping saints & swines.
Here for the show, you may know, digging dirts searching for a what.

You let me know then & now I tell you to hold on but not too tight.
Sometimes you have to be content with the little things that are very slight.
Staring too long, the light will shift, you may know too well what you see.
It’s time to let it all go while there’s still something else for me.

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