Bitch face.

“Hey, bitch face.”
“What?! Who?! Me?”
“Yeah! Why don’t you look more friendly?”
“Wha! What’d I do? Minding my own business,
looking down at my own shoes.
Not my fault my face
is what in front of you.”

Runner-up of contemplator of life I am
& it’s not boding too well for you.
If you see me lips tight, eyes humorless,
forgive me for my offensive attitude.

We can chat about your cat or dog
& of course your kids too.
Though I really have nothing new to add,
you see, I’m kinda aloof.

All the interactions I can imitate live
without being too honest or true.
If it can help spreading your rumors,
isn’t that what people do?

Wow, didn’t see it coming,
was that really what I said?!
Can we start over please?
I’m calling a reboot.

Ah, here we are, some fresh air.
What do you mean forget it?
You’re walking away with a bad taste,
having a case of bitch face too?

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