No title.

Gigdy, gigdy, time is running out.
Do you want to pick a number
or just letting it spin you around?
I don't know when you came in
but finally you're front of the line.
What? Didn't have time to think?
Oh, well, guy, you're doing it right.
Haha, so many a soul came all glammed up
thinking it's a ball not just a gamble.
I see you're missing shoes & tie & a smoke,
but luck is on your side. (whisper) So am I. (wink)
Now what's gonna be? A speech!
Oooh, let's see, there're two of you
still standing, the rest are asleep.
But get on right ahead,
I'm paid on the hour. (yawn)
(wakes up) Wha?! ... you still here?
Alright, enough is enough. NEXT!
And no buts.

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