To My Aborted Sis.

I ain't the victim
though I moan about my mother.
I could had a brother or sis
when my father asked me if
I wanted a younger brother.
I was about eight & selfish.
Told them it's gonna be another
girl, just like me.
Pitched them on the penalties of
Chinese one child policy though
from my desperate plea
you can sense it's a case of jealousy.
Like a baby shark, I acted on my instincts.
In a child's mind, there lied the logic:
all resources are limited:
food, attention, most of all, money.
Boys are gold, I'm jaded.
I had the upper hand.
Now I'm limited.
Human, Inc. Limited.
If I had a brother,
I'd cry on his shoulder.
If I had a sister,
I'd learn to fix her hair.
I'm limited.
I wanted to live.

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