My teacher tells me to take time to breath.
She doesn't know I'm planning my great escape.
Don't you know what's lurking behind the scenes?
Darkness is what protects you from madness.

Waves upon waves of anxiety wash over me.
In my head I tested the limits of human kindness.
I'm not doing my part, I'm the weakest link,
blanket me in, tear me up make no differences.

It is now, I make the jump, in the air for the while,
losing my grip, never mind the rhyme, balance all lost. 
A little voice tells me maybe it's time to be wild.
What can I do? I head to the shop, new cloths, new shoes.

Do you see a new world spawning constantly?
It doesn't care nor counts on my so-called humanity.
I'm breathless playing catch up like a mad galaxy.
It's no joke, life's a crook, my love unrequited.

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