Good night.

There’s much to be done
but it’s time for a rest.
Listen to your body’s demand
and do the thing it likes.
So the inspirations can come at night
and tomorrow you’ll have the energy to act.
You’ll be feeling refreshed,
hopefully rid of those bags.
It used to feel good,
going to bed at night,
reliving the day’s adventures,
I really need to get that feeling back.
Don’t let fear rule the mind,
but give it permission to fly.
It doesn’t matter wherever it may land.
At least we’re bright & clear
with a good night’s bless.
Always more dreams to come
after the morrow’s done.
Paying for its dues
and working for another chance
to feed the mind,
to do some good.
Always easier said than done.
Not running away
but know when to save the strength
for there is a brand new field
that will be growing inside first
which needs time and patience.
Let the intuition be the guide,
stretch like a cat
and go to bed,
but remember,
to bid the day
a “good night”.

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