No wild heart.

No wild heart, yo,
I can’t afford.
I’d rather get my teeth pulled,
I got no insurance.

It’s a pay-per-live world,
we’re closing the gate
on what’s real benefit,
40 years a slave.

Sure, they gave you promises
when you’re young & good-looking,
just don’t say what you’re really thinking,
they ain’t listening.

Human nature is the killer app,
joy-button’s broken, that’s OK,
40% off, amazon prime.
Mama didn’t teach me how to refrain.

Ole, ole, let’s see that body.
Oh shit, not a size 6?
Go kill yourself,
you don’t exist.

Your life has but one aim,
to look good, sexy puss.
Here, give me a smooch,
I will buy you a Starbucks.

Eyes wild open & heart wide shut.
Precious commodity, someone giving a fuck.
Super cereal, we have to save our planet!
Can’t do that with all these infightings.

Who gains, who loses?
Maybe we want things to go KABOOM.
Hauling this history of unbearable weight,
now running out of water & space.

Kids shot, women raped.
How to go out, be open & relate?
Can’t tell friendlies from the fake.
To keep it safe, shields in place.

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