My lover’s taller than me,
rise to my toes can’t reach his lips.
Can’t wrap around, hmmm, just barely,
every day, little by little, piece by piece.

That person is getting heavier every day,
when he covers me I can’t get out.
Trapped between the sheet & the body heat,
don’t try to save me when the bomb goes off.

Thank the Lord he’s not that smart,
missing cues right and left.
Sometimes he shocks me with insight
& I duly renew my respect.

What do you mean it’s not about me,
all about me? It’s about us?
We’re not just strangers in a house?
Can’t I just feel like checking out?

My better half’s more womanly,
stain on the floor he notices it.
Claims the kitchen has no master,
I’m the one wondering what’s wrong with him.

New year, Don, pig, boy toy, man in the house,
at least you do know I’ve been hanging on.
I told you about my abandonment issue,
might wanna reconsider the next time you tell me to,

“Get outta my house.”
Joking or not.

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