Dig it out! Dig it out!
Do you know the source?
I want to ruin it,
I want to gnaw on its bones.

For making me yearning
whatever it’s selling.
Almost on it, misdirected.
Hunger for more, more, more.

Cut it out, cut it out!
Tripping me up my rhythm,
messing me up my flow.
I hate you more than myself.

Thank you for being the target
of life’s dissatisfactions.
Sleepy restlessness, can’t stop
faking it like I’m feeling it.

Do you have it though?
Have you seen it around?
Can you carry a secret?
Afraid it might bounce?

Every minute, every time,
take a breath, make a sigh.
Have nothing but my mind.
Didn’t notice? Are you blind?

I’m worth it, I’m worth it.
I’m lonely, still worth it.
Cool the gills, learn to chill.
Here comes the source for my bills.

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