God’s theater.

Haven’t I hit the right notes?
Without much blood spilled?
It can not be your will
if you care at all what it costs.

Who sells the tickets but the one you know:
a doorman who hides his face & hands.
To get in you have to be deaf & blind.
Savor the moment that blow their minds.

Whoever opens the act is a brave one
who sets the mark for the sublime of sublime.
The mysteries are not in the lines,
nor any solutions in your hands.

The sound is bright & the color is white,
angels do their part every night.
There’s a tragedy & there’s a surprise,
enough to make you forget the rest.

Holy! Holy! Anyone cares for a cold one?
It goes down smooth with some chips.
Mary, Mary, won’t you introduce me!
To the rockstar, the philosopher, your only son?

Jesus Christ I’m your biggest fan.
I dig your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
Can’t I join you backstage when the show’s done?
I’m here for the truth surely you understand.

All too quickly the curtains are lowered.
The lights are dimmed & judgement passed.
Why can’t I seem to message my friends?
Remind me again where I am? …

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