Cry baby.

I backed myself into a corner, didn’t I?
My body secretes fluid I think it wants sex,
but I’m not up to any human contact.
Seeking another form of release, so I cry.
Serves me right for standing up & reaching wide.
Those of you who know what you are doing,
how does it feel to be relaxed & watch it rolling?
Tried a drink then audible decompressing,
watched a thing, thought about where I’ve been.
It’s never-ending, the pursuit of escaping.
Why does it feel like I just ran outta my favorite moment?
When it’s open, it won’t be contained.
Gave it a name and off a cliff it went.
I’m tired, tired of tired, don’t know what I’m seeing.
Many things that are so shiny & worth grabbing.
Further & further away from a heart that’s hiding.
Is it good? Is it bad? Still weak? Is it a wrap?
Realizations don’t bring relief, another challenge.
That’s why we help each other & not point fingers.
No ups, no downs, we’re all just hovering.
And hovering.

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