Traditional Holidays.

I have to turn off my sense of guilt
just so that I can live my life.
Lay your hand on my stomach
like I’m just one of your properties.
No, there’s no child inside
just my flat, hard, give-no-fuck abs.
Mad respect for your old ladies
but get the fuck off of my case.
Don’t wanna have to deal with you
cause your world view is fixed.
Yes, your son’s the golden-boy with some linage.
Bitches, I’m first born of a provincial officer
and got some leftover from the Mongolian race.
You don’t see me trying to pass those on
and it’s for your own damned good.
Keep thinking the real noble men & women
are long gone & left no trace.
Is it irresponsible to be critical of the world
before bring a child into a questionable fate?
You just want us to reproduce,
have you been brainwashed?
Do you like doing all the work
and not being seen and treated as a person?
Now you making it your job
making others miserable.
Maybe stop gossiping
and see if there’re real issues you can solve.
You must think we are having it easy,
thanks to not having to live
with an oppressive tradition.
Our marriage was not even arranged
so what do we have to complain?
Have a child, keep the jobs
and bath in the golden mist of
the old ancestors smiling.
I know you have a brain,
why don’t you switch it on more often.
Maybe it’s too late for you,
but I’m not gonna waste this opportunity,
of not being a slave, but fill a role that I build.
Don’t wanna become a passive-aggressive old lady like you.

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