Flesh wound.


Had a little flesh wound,
looks like a piece of damaged styrofoam.
Lots of little things are working
to make me round and whole again.

What are they trying to promote?
Why work so hard on my meat and bones?
Look, it’s all glittering & pink,
I’m kinda adorable underneath.


It now looks like a rotten apple,
a little brown as the skin tries to heal.
A layer of meat that was affected.
Nerves are still red in protest.

The white cells are doing their job,
so are millions of other things I don’t know of.
Even the microbes in the air are helping out.
Imagining the dramas as a broadway show.

1 day later:

Now it looks like a crater,
hard scab surrounds a raspberry middle.
You’re pretty again,
makes me want to make more of you.

Just kidding though,
not into that kinda pain.
Though next time I swing a stick
I won’t mind a little scrape.

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