Can’t stop, won’t stop.

I’ve left you behind.
I’m leaving you behind.
Fast pace on this tourists’ trail.
Gotta beat the line to the gift shop.

That pack on your back,
have you had it checked?
The fancy dress shoes you haul,
hefty price-tags attached.

I don’t speak your language,
but I do know your dialect.
Same joys & deathly quiets.
A peek of a human inside.

But you have to keep up.
Can’t drag me down or else.
There’re wolves at the heels
& cliffs all around.

I check the map, eyes on the prize.
you lay back down, thinking it’s a wrap.
How do you keep up, serene as a buddha?
What you’ve been smoking, keeping you so relaxed?

You probably thinking the same:
crazy bitch’s gone insane.
We should go to some place
where you’re dead if you’re late.

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