Tea time.

Candy or tea,
one bitter, one sweet.
One tells you’re awesome,
the other tells you’re weak.

Plenty of medicine nobody wants
when you can have syrup for breakfast.
Forget the suffering & the malice
long as there’s elixir in the chalice.

Cut the debate,
have some cake.
Nothing to say,
since we all agree:

“It’s so good.”
“It’s so fluff.”
“What’s the receipt?”
“Let me take a shot!”

Sweetness is good,
artificially assured,
to satisfy your cravings.
Some tea for cleansing.

Good & bad in one saucer,
nothing much else matters.
Have another spoonful of sugar,
let me fill in more hot water.

Nothing like the teatime,
to get the weekend started.
Thinking on the civilized,
all planning & strategize.

Big time, choose a side,
whoever wins, on the sideline.
It’s OK, we’re doing great.
Let’s all clink for teatime.

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