A game.

Please don’t look at me.
Please don’t think of me.
Please forget who this is.
Don’t you see? There’s nothing to me.
Why can’t you see it?
You already known this.
You’ve seen my body,
you have peeked at my soul.
There’s nothing of value,
nothing like what you’d hoped.
Just a bag of blood and bones.
If you care still, a bit of writhing soul.
There’s nothing here special.
Long time since I’ve been touched by the spiritual.
It’s a hoax, it’s a swindle.
Looks like a lamb, but a jackal.
Count with one hand
the times I’ve been truthful.
Self-conceit is the trick,
self-deceit on the price-tag.
No receipt, no guarantees, no contact info.
Once you see the scheme through
nothing at all worth a second look.
I swear it’s all just a game.
Quick! Run away, don’t hesitate.
Go call the police, don’t think you are safe.
I’m a local treat, they all know my name.
They don’t know my address, I move around.
That reminds me, the next mark is in town.
Don’t come back till you have something to sale.
After all, this is a game that’s zero-sum.

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