Red cardinal.

Red cardinal, my cardinal,
darting outta the leaves.
Did you make a home there
in my humble backyard?
Little bird, red bird,
you can’t hide in the grass,
do you mind me loving
on your red feathers
& the black around your face?
Little neighbor, dear neighbor,
do you find comfort here?
Blocked by fences on all sides
& the tall tree covering the sky?
Does the neighbor’s cat hunt you
when it slips through the crack?
Do the squirrels catch you
when you are stealing their cache?
I see your head bobbing up & down,
all business-like & looking around,
are you building a nest?
Can’t help but to gawk at you,
you are just that colorful.
Dead in front of me
like you can not believe.
So, tell me, redbird,
are you free?


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