Sometimes all I can do is cry
I don’t know why
the water rises.
Strange lines, the trees say it’s a trap
but so is life.

Can’t seem to understand
or make a difference.
All the forces are indifferent,
who wins who loses. All too apparent.
All a lie.

Hope you can hear me sometimes.
Remember what we used to have.
When I was unconcerned &
everything’s the best.
When we were hand in hand.

Wonder if I was the one escaped
from something familiar & soft
into the bigger wilder world
which you really didn’t prepare me for
but made it worse.

Should I hate you & never look back?
Leave all the sentiment with the 1st pay-check?
When they cheer & welcome you to the pack.
Drown in materials, expensive tastes, short memories & high-rise?
You taught me better than that.

Are you with me then? What’s this all about?
All those years, 50 50, whether lived or died.
The drive that drives me insane & nowhere.
I don’t see any progress. Are you proud?
Or just don’t care.

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