Girl, it’s not your world.

Girl, you need to find a man soon.
Don’t waste time discovering yourself
you’re but a pretty wrapper around a womb.

You know men are looking & you should be glad.
Don’t play coy when they come to ask the price.
Your value’s set with the length of your legs.

It’s your job to always look the best
so that you can maybe stand a chance.
What goes in movies goes in real life,
you either a nobody or a star with tags.

Before long you’ll be a mother with child
within whose eyes you will be forever lost.
Coo-coo bedtimes & milk from the breasts,
don’t ever ask for personal time or else.

Good lord, woman! Stick with the man you got!
To whom the society entitled more than enough!
Put on a good face or you’ll be condemned.
Just remember your place & be content.

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