State of grace.

I have forgotten your name,
I think you must have forgotten mine.
This world between us
darkness and chaos after the brilliant light.

Never thought how cold I would feel,
after the spirit had left and I stood still.
Time and time again I call for you,
broken, you have left me for real.

I don’t hear your cry anymore,
not above the screams of my anger.
Cussing you for showing me the things that you did,
now they are just mirages, glasses in my throat.

How to go on without the piece of me
that you have brought along.
There’s no longer recognition,
strangers with forsaken tougues.

Saying these words,
living this life,
everything that I do
I can’t deny it.

It takes me back,
back to the gate,
with all that I know,
still, there’s no turning away.

Far from grace,
call it a home.
There’s a piece of you inside me,
a permanent wound.

The pain and emptiness
are there for a reason.
In a state of grace,
I know each and every road I’ve taken.

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